ARABISKA | A Eid Blogger Brunch


In the past couple of years Eid is usually not a holiday that I look forward to because when you don’t have your loved ones next to you it is just another Friday to hibernate and recuperate. Thanks to Arabiska restaurant’s lunch invitation to few of us bloggers in Dubai to celebrate the first day of Eid day in style, it was a Eid definitely complete.

Before getting to our destination most of us were lost in searching the place all due to the construction and road repair next to the vicinity. Honestly, we were a bit frustrated and almost lost faith in the day thinking this is the end of what could have been a lovely afternoon with good friends. But the hungry stomach won’t let us quit and a plan B to another venue was quiet the distance from where we were. However, we were finally able to find the restaurant and all thanks to google map the experience was like treasure hunting which literally was like finding treasure at the end.

The blogger friends who attended this small festive were Paul Ramos, Andy Scott, Angela, Joy and Paul’s personal photographer Mark. We were the happiest little bunch when finally got together and exchanged stories of the current events in our life while waiting for the appetizers.

The appetizer was not too filling but tasty for the craving taste buds building a curiosity to what comes next for the main course. While waiting for our full course meal we kept ourselves busy taking pictures of each other, talk about blogger life!

When the food arrived everyone’s face lit up with joy and we could not wait to get our hands on the plate and go beast mode. What is ironic is that being a blogger you still have time to take pictures of your food no matter how hungry you are before creating a mess. I ordered salmon my personal favorite and as always it never fails to disappoint me. However, the only difference was the food in Arabiska was well prepared, the spices were mild and soothing for our longing appetite. I cannot recall one moment at our table where we uttered a word of negativity towards our dish. Hence, it was a mutual silent agreement that everyone was fully satisfied by their choice.

In conclusion I would highly recommend this place, the taste of the food, presentation, service and the daytime view of the Palm outside was just simply very appealing and triggered happiness. We all left the venue with our hearts contend and drove past the Palm Island with laughter under our breath that could have been heard across the sandy beach of the Palm.


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