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The essence of a classic style, this suit embraces the singular nature of the man wearing it. Just like in every corner of Lisbon, there is a discreet dialogue between tradition, through the sophisticated haute couture details, and the current details of prêt-à-porter.


The timeless pattern of this suit could well make it an icon of modernity, keeping up with the pace of a fast and unstoppable city like Doha. It is ideal for the man who wants to make a bold statement, but is a classic nonetheless.

Sacoor Brothers is pleased to announce the release of its most prestigious collection: Cristiano Ronaldo & Sacoor Brothers. It is by joining together the most striking personality features of our brand with the best player in the World that is born a luxurious and limited edition collection.A sophisticated interpretation of the art of tailored fit. This line pays tribute to the finest European fabrics,sporting exclusive details, as great leaders always do.

This exclusive limited edition collection, will only be available at 9 boutiques around the world, with 5 of them being in the UAE. This is a special collection of items inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo, the official global ambassador of the label, whose cosmopolitan style reflects the footballer’s sophistication and distinctive code.

The Cristiano Ronaldo & Sacoor Brothers line projects the intrinsic quality of Sacoor Brothers collections. Each item was carefully designed, allying the wealth of detail to a panoply of fine materials. This is plainly seen in the cut, the personalised buttons, the welt or flap pockets, the tiepin, the personalised label and the carefully selected materials.

This collection has all the necessary items – unique suits, blazers, waistcoats, classic trousers, knits, scarves and ties – to create charismatic, personalised outfits. The limited edition is ideal for the new generation of men who “parade” through the main cities in the world, radiating singular elegance and taste.

The 7 suits (reflecting the superstar’s jersey number) in this collection illustrate the best of haute couture. They are undoubtedly the garments that best evoke the spirit of the contemporary, urban and versatile man. They are reinvented classics that combine shapes, colours and textures to create proposals that combine the city look of some of the main fashion capitals where Sacoor Brothers is present – from Lisbon to Kuala Lumpur, from London to Dubai, from Madrid to Singapore or from Brussels to Doha.



Taking a trip through the Cristiano Ronaldo & Sacoor Brothers collection of the 7 suits, aimed at modern men with a unique style, is to have your breath taken away with the details you discover. The suits stand out for their singular cuts and fabrics. For each city, a style:


Contemporary, its pattern making you forget the conventional. It is perfect for the bohemian spirit of a city like Madrid, with relaxed, yet sophisticated and timeless styles that will remain for decades.


This versatile suit was designed to attract the attention of a man from the metropolis of the future. The Italian fabric seems to be inspired by concrete, steel and glass, elements which enchant in modern, advanced cities that rise up to meet the sky, like Kuala Lumpur.


Recalling the sartorial style of the City of London, this suit, with a classic double-breasted blazer, can hold its own in the Mecca of London tailoring.


Escaping from the norm means finding the alternative, the trendiest. Not the latest, but the next trend. This is the mood of the man who chooses a suit with this false plain pattern, in blue. His attitude reflects the values of a prosperous city that is constantly being modernised, like Dubai.


A classic reinvented for more glamorous occasions. The fine material and bold details of this suit show glimpses of the rebel, avant-garde attitude of the man who wants to venture through an enigmatic city like Singapore.

About Sacoor Brothers:

Sacoor Brothers is a well-known international label, based in Portugal. It is the result of the dream of four brothers committed to adding elegance, quality and style to the fashion world.

Since the early 1990s, when they opened their first boutique in Lisbon, Sacoor Brothers has continued to expand. It is now synonymous with a cosmopolitan label, with boutiques in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Singapore.

In existence for 25 years, Sacoor Brothers has grown by defining trends and innovating services and products, setting itself apart by offering excellent tailor-made solutions – a characteristic common to each one of its shops all over the world. The brand is a favourite with celebrities and has dressed well-known personalities from the world of fashion, sports, cinema and television, like the famous Hollywood actors Rob Lowe, William Baldwin, Patrick Dempsey, Irina Shayk and most recently Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

With a personality that consumers identify with, the label, with collections for women, men and kids – including footwear and accessories – represents sophistication and has a distinctive code that has made it a premium, across-the board brand.

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